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 My Joyful Body journey started over 5 years ago when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and passed a year later from liver complications. To help her body rid of toxins and minimize the symptoms of chemotherapy, coffee enemas, castor oil packs, and other various holistic treatments became part of our everyday routine. Since her passing, I realized I have found my passion as I continue to further educate myself in hopes to share my continuous knowledge with my clients. Sharing knowledge with others with the intention that they will continue to share and spread to their families and loved ones, fills my heart with love and happiness.

My mission is to help clients find the root causes of illness that impact our health today. I have such gratitude by supporting and inspiring clients during their healing journey. My hope is that every person I touch feels a sense of rebalance and empowerment. 


Are you ready to walk  this journey together?

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Melissa is amazing! she makes you feel at home, ensures you are comfortable and feel safe. She is very compassionate and always willing to help. She is truly dedicated to your well-being and will take excellent care of you. I absolutely and highly recommend her services as she is a true healer !


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